She is power. 

The Goddess in human form. 

She is strength. 

The bearer of life force. 

She is grace. 

The essence of Mother nature —

She is the feminine source. 

Child of the divine.

She is a woman. 

In the feminine aura of great cosmic power, lies the spirit of our creative vision.  

Known as the Divine Feminine, this feminine side of the Divine energy binding and connecting all of us on Earth together, is the core of our latest collection —

Threads of Life 

Regarded as ‘Devi Shakti’ in Hinduism — this goddess energy exists inside each of us, and we believe that this force forms the core of us Women: our might, our elegance, our kindness, our resilience, and our perseverance. 

It’s the driving strength of our very existence and all our connections in this world. Right from infancy to young adulthood to motherhood and beyond — the experiences we go through as women, as our lives progress, are a direct embodiment of this sacred feminine energy. It’s the manifestation of this power and the perfection that the universe has blessed us with — that embraces us to reach our fullest potential throughout our lives. 


Interestingly, ‘Kamaali’ translates to ‘perfection’, and through this line-up, we have set out to celebrate the spirit of this feminine cosmic energy, and the blessing of ‘perfection’ that nature has bestowed upon women. 


Fittingly named ‘Threads of Life’, this collection is where we introduce the element of cord. These cords are not only symbolic of the cosmic connection that the universe maintains with every being in existence, but also signify the affectionate bonds that we create and thrive on in life — the emotional cords that connect us to each other in all our relationships, be it our mother-daughter bond, a boss-employee rapport, or the pure bond shared between siblings and even pets. These cords are in fact, the emotional ties that punctuate our journey on Earth, and we seek to celebrate them in this new collection.


Vibrant, versatile, and truly effortless — the ensemble line-up reflects the brilliance that women bring into this world each day — with artistic cuts and fluid silhouettes, designed to complement our unique beauty and creative energy in full glory. From the breezy capes to the laid-back kaftans, the edgy jackets to the draped occasion wear — each silhouette is truly distinctive and speaks of the individuality women bring with them from various circles and ages.  

The joyful hues of pop pink, sage green, and timeless ivory dominate the colour story and conjure up daydreams of happy summer days by the beach with our loved ones. Keeping in mind summertime and its fun activities, we used 100% Bemberg yarn in two textures — satin and raw silk slub look — for the all-day comfort and superior finish that they give. 

Inspired from the threads, we developed two special prints for this collection: a unique all-over textured cord print — our Uni-Bond print, and a placement cord print — the Divine Knots print, which we used extensively across all the pieces. We also dotted our pieces with quirky organza-encased cord accents, metal details, and vegan leather tassels and trims throughout, influenced by the characteristic personas of us women. 

This collection is dedicated to us: to the bold, the statement, the flirty, the easy-going facets of us. Now, let the summertime memories begin!