Collaboration With Bemberg

Comfort through sustainability, is a core part of our label's ethos… Without compromising on the final look, our endeavour to  bring the same style, structure, and polish that we are known for in couture, to Pret, was a long journey of creative experiments.  The choice of fabric being the main concern for the extension of the brand beyond couture. This became a success through our triumphant partnership with Asahi Kasei Corp.’s Bemberg. Their regenerated cellulose fibre sourced from cotton, Cupro, is now being used in most of our collections. Cupro gives our pieces that high-end finish while taking a step in the right direction. 
Sustainable , breathable and biodegradable, this magical fabric gives you the feel of silk.Keeping the needs of our couture clients in mind, this soft, supple and luxurious fabric is  the ultimate choice for Kamaali Pret . Scan the barcode to learn more about the makers of this amazing fabric.