With the arrival of summer, following the Delta wave’s decrease, to mirror the changing light and mood of people, Sands of Time underwent an optimistic, creative shift. Shedding the dark hues of winter, and in tune with the clear blue skies, the mellow sunlight, balmy days, and the quiet confidence of better days ahead, 

Flow was born. 

Like the renewed ray of hope that lay in the horizon during this period, the pieces from this collection exude a certain ease and freshness. Be it the unique capes or the breezy kaftans, the draped long dresses or the relaxed-cut shirts, or even the statement pants, every silhouette in this line-up is marked by fluid cuts and artisanal trims. 


A denim print has been specially-developed for our fabrics, to give our pieces that effortless chic appeal that this material is known and widely-loved for. However, this printed fabric is soft and fluid on the body, unlike the original denim–whose rugged nature sometimes becomes uncomfortable for certain sizes to wear all day. This fabric complements women of all shapes, sizes, and ages. 


Aside from the apparel, the collection also offers neck scarves, belt scarves, belts, and belt bags, to fine-tune the end-look. 


Perfect to take on a beach holiday to complement the azure-hued waters, Flow subtly whispers the anticipation of happier times. Soothing blues and aquas, blacks, and ivories dominate the colour story, painting the picture of joyful sunny days and laid-back style. The indomitable spirit of the horse continues in the print motifs, standing out on the shaded denim base pattern. 


Every piece from Flow is truly classic and versatile, which you’ll love to re-wear in different ways over time.