Set in the picturesque coastline of South-eastern Africa is Kamaali Pret’s latest collection, Namiri. The word ‘Namiri’ translates to animal panther in Swahili, natively spoken in Africa's eastern coastal region. Known for its sandy white beaches, coral islands, wildlife reserves and lush greenery wherever the eyes go, this magnificent region is home to the majestic black panther—the spirit animal of this collection. 


With the declining graph of Covid across the globe, the world started picking up speed, with hopes and dreams in the atmosphere of a new, and improved reality. Namiri is set against this forward-moving backdrop—a world where people are more fearless, more grateful, more caring, more present, and most importantly, more positive than ever. 


Resilient and relentless, independent and courageous—through the invincible persona of the panther, this collection aims to celebrate mankind and the internal metamorphosis each person who survived the pandemic undertook. Through the cuts and structures of the silhouettes—be it of the statement co-ords or the kaftans, of the striking jumpsuits or the shirt dresses—the ensembles speak of a louder confidence and zeal for life than seen before. Woven tassels, fabric waist ties, and gold metallic buttons add further edge to these stunning wardrobe pieces. 


Crafted in the signature cotton-derived Cupro regenerated cellulose yarn, each piece adapts to the body like second skin, so that you appear as your most-confident self, just like the panther. The colour palette of warm ecru, malachite green and lapis blue, contrasts against the panther’s pitch-black fur, and pays homage to the natural habitat of this wild creature—beige desert sands, blue skies, and verdant green African grasslands.   


The collection also features the statement gold-hardware belts in vegan leather to ace the final look. Each piece from the collection is versatile enough to be styled in multiple different ways, as a set or even as separates. All you gotta do is wear it with confidence, no matter what your age, shape or shade.