Our Story

From Couture to Pret 

Conceived more than a decade   ago, Kamaali Pret was Kamaali Mehta’s first brainchild. It has always been her desire to celebrate the different shapes  and shades of women globally through luxurious pret clothing that would spotlight their best sides—ensembles that they would feel comfortable and confident in… But with time her love for bridal couture took over shifting her focus entirely to her   now-established label, Kamaali Couture. At present, Kamaali is  the Creative director of her namesake labels—Kamaali Couture and Kamaali Pret.  


Kamaali’s interest in fashion came early; by the age of 10, she was enthusiastically giving ‘style tips’ to everyone around her. Her initial style was influenced by European dressing, which she picked up from fashion magazines that her aunt would bring from London to her trips to India. In a few years, with a degree in Fashion Design from Pearl Academy and 3 years of working in the industry, she went after her dream to study Bridalwear & Corsetry at the prestigious London College of Fashion. 

The lockdown of 2020 gave Kamaali a renewed interest in her first love. This eventually led to Kamaali Pret being relaunched in March of 2022, with her ever-growing couture family and an expanding new team of clients, coming together to create magic with Kamaali Pret. 

For Kamaali, this label is her creative journey coming full circle, taking her back to the roots. It’s also her expression of gratitude for her clients’ continued loyalty through the years: creating styles that spotlight real people and their stories—pieces that every woman would enjoy wearing as much as Kamaali enjoys designing, wearing and even endorsing her own pieces.

The Relaunch 

With a passion to make luxurious ready-to-wear pieces for the women of today,  

Kamaali, along with her sister Shruti, revived Kamaali Pret. This label is an ode to women who make life happen everyday—women from different spheres of life; hailing from different cultures and strata, but with a common desire to look and feel good in their own skin, dressed in outfits that catch the eye. Each KP ensemble serves as that unifying facet that binds them all together. 

For this very reason, our ensembles are thoughtfully created as versatile but statement pieces that you can re-style from summer through winter with simple and stylish layering techniques. Draped silhouettes, luxurious fabrics, eye-pleasing colours and flattering fits come together to form striking styles that you’ll love to effortlessly swap and pair with other wardrobe separates. The same KP piece can take you from a formal occasion to a holiday destination, or even an intimate gathering at home. Our designs evoke a couture mood with a contemporary spin to accentuate the best in you.

The collections highlight our love for modern, eclectic prints. Each of these prints are carefully developed in-house—from sketch to cloth, and pays homage to Kamaali’s fondness for nature. 

Why us? 

At the heart of the label is our belief in embracing all forms and tones—our conscious commitment to embrace a woman’s journey in all her glory. Our collections transcend the boundaries of age, size and body type to give you a wardrobe that’s truly adaptable, but also individualistic in appeal. The seamless play of drapery and fluidity in our silhouettes gives you the freedom to choose the parts of you that you wish to conceal or accentuate when you take on the world. 

Each of our pieces is designed to flatter women across generations—be it you, or a woman a decade ahead. Our flowy, strategic cuts perfectly take into account the shifting sizes of women as we go through life—capturing the very essence of womanhood. Be it puberty, pregnancy, post-pregnancy, or menopause, our designs are all-accommodating, eliminating the need for a whole new wardrobe every few seasons or years. 

The most confident women are the ones that have lived through their journey and realised that there is no point in holding back but accepting their true selves by being comfortable in their skin—we have a single aim to be second skin. 

Collaboration with Bemberg 

Comfort through sustainability, without compromising on the final look, is a core part of our label’s ethos. To bring the same style, structure, and polish that we are known for in couture, to pret, was a long journey of creative experiments, with the choice of fabric being the main concern for the extension of the brand beyond couture. This became a success through our triumphant partnership with Asahi Kasei Corp.’s Bemberg. Their regenerated cellulose fibre sourced from cotton, Cupro, is now being used in most of our collections. Cupro gives our pieces that high-end finish while taking a step in the right direction. 

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