FLOW 2.0

Yellow leaves, shorter days, faded sunlight, and a darker mood—Flow 2.0 marked the beginning of Autumn. 


The new season brought with it, a certain sense of confusion on what to expect next—whether to pick up the pace in life and return to normalcy as we knew earlier, or to stay cautious of the coming days; whether to celebrate everyone’s survival so far by holidaying or resuming work, or to stay locked indoors to stay safe. This uncertainty translated into the creative sensibility of the new collection. 


In line with this ongoing chaos in the society, to depict the mood of the moment, Flow 2.0 finds Kamaali Pret’s signature motif—the horse—taking on a jumbled look, juxtaposed against eclectic prints and abstract patterns. At a glance, the visual direction of the collection evokes mixed sentiments. The bold, fierce silhouettes of shirts, kaftans, cape tops, and tunics come with fresh interpretations—solid monochromes offset by asymmetric printed details on the other side, reflecting the divided mindset of people to dress confidently while still keeping one’s guard up. 

Made in the signature Cupro fabric, each piece in the collection not only feels soft and comfy to the touch, but also effortlessly embraces the cuts and shapes of the design, lending them a distinct fluidity. Adaptive details of drawstring waist-ties, zippers, and buttons give the garments an element of versatility and individuality. 

The colourscape of ivories, beiges, blacks, olives, and denim blues echoes the indecision in the air. Saddle-inspired broad belts and belt bags form part of the accessories of Flow 2.0. 

Perfect to mix and match, style these easy statement pieces as you like.