Inspired by the magnificent land of Persia, Sands of Time is a reflection of the dancing desert dunes, majestic palaces, valiant horses, and a rich bygone heritage. 


Conceived when the world was going through a natural cleanse due to Covid, the collection’s core thought resonates with the vision of the popular namesake video game. Just like the only way to harness the true, beneficial potential of the Sands contained in the Hourglass, was with the Dagger of Time—similarly, with the global elimination of those less than fittest during the pandemic,  mankind realised that the only way to move forward from here on, is with each other. Here lies the seed of the first collection. 


The ensemble line-up takes you to the opulence of Persian realms, with flowy, effortless silhouettes that dance with the calming desert breeze. Be it the relaxed kaftans or the draped evening wear, the pleated cape tops or the modern saree looks—each silhouette in Sands of Time is crafted on light satins and organzas in Bemberg’s Cupro yarn, and celebrates delicate femininity through uniquely-crafted drapes that simply glide over your body contours. The subtle metal details, and the leather tassels and trims used throughout the capsule are inspired by the harnesses and saddles of the brave war horses.


The sun-kissed colour palette of tans, blacks, and whites, is borrowed from the breath-taking beauty of Persian lands, whereas the galloping stallions form the main motif and spirit of the collection. The accessories from the collection, such as the specially-handcrafted belts, are made in vegan leather and instantly add finesse to the entire look. 


Each piece from the collection speaks of effortless elegance, and will remain part of your going-out wardrobe for seasons to come.